From a shaking mess to a dental success

Remove Your Fear

From a shaking mess to a dental success

Remove Your Fear

Let me help you overcome your fear

  • Would you rather give birth than sit in the dental chair?
  • Do you feel out of control & you cannot breathe or that you might drown in the dental chair?
  • Would you like to smile properly & bite back into that apple but cannot even pick the phone up to make an appointment?

This is so common to have a fear of the Dentist & there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s easy to change & I can help you clear the fear.

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Who is Dental Darling?

Hi, I’m Helen. After 30 years of working as a dental nurse in over 70 different dental practices & the blood bank, I found people’s anxiety & fear of the Dentist, needle, sitting in the dental chair, operations are so real that I can now help people get back to the Dentist & feel confident, calm & in control & smile.

  • I’m a qualified Life Coach & I’m also a certified 5th Dimension Healer. I live in Australia and I’m the only 5th Dimension Certified Healer Down Under so I do have an Aussie accent. G’Day, mate.
  • What is a 5th Dimension Certified Healer you ask? Great question!
    I‘m one of a small group of leading-edge certified healers which enables me to connect with your cellular memory to get to the nitty-gritty of your debilitating pain that your body is crying out to get better.
  • Imagine not taking pain medication or drinking alcohol to dull the pain & tension.
  • Imagine having the want to get up and get out of bed to enjoy life. How good would that feel?
  • I’m so passionate about helping people heal and helping them feel good about themselves. There’s a magnificent positive ripple that flows on in other areas of my clients’ lives because they feel better within themselves, they want to start putting themselves first and they want to start living their life to the fullest. They get better jobs, better relationships with their family and friends, and to even find & marry their soulmates.

Let me walk you through

  • Step 1

    Free strategy call

  • Step 2

    Online or in-person sessions 1-3 to release the problem

  • Step 3

    Free from  anxiety & fear

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Why choose Dental Darling?

  • 30 years + experience as Dental Nurse

  • Caring

  • Personalised approach

  • Worked with
    100+ dentists

  • Seen
    1000+ patients

People I help

  • Kids

  • Adults

  • Anyone who has the phobia of needles and going to dentists and needing a general anesthetic

What my clients say

  • “To date I have had three sessions with Helen and intend to have more. Each session has focused on a particular topic or person in my life and through the process Helen follows I have been able to realise better quality decisions and relationships in my life as a result of investing in Helen’s coaching programs.”


  • I had major anxiety about getting 6 front veneers to my mouth. It wasn’t just the veneers, I had lost my two front teeth when I was a teenager in a horrible accident and to complicate matters, they were infected with an abyss. I had to get two posts inserted into my gums. All the needles in the world just freaked me out. I even had one operation with the aid of an anaethestist. Helen came to my rescue with her knowledge and techniques that calmed me down. Her expertise in this area was amazing and I’m forever grateful. I totally recommend Helen and her services. Get in touch with her right now if you are petrified of the dentist!


  • Hello, I’m going through a change at the moment to help with the direction my life had gone and how to straighten it up for a better future, with the help of Helen after just two sessions I could already feel a change in my whole personality and her techniques have helped me manage my stress. I can’t thank Helen enough for the opportunity to work with her.


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I would love to hear from you and we can arrange a free consultation and can do coaching sessions
via video conference or over the phone in the comfort of your own home.